The Northern Star Trilogy


“The whole series is a science fiction masterpiece.”


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The Northern Star Trilogy: Omnibus includes:

The oil is gone.
That way of life, ended.
An invention frees the mind.
A cyber-world becomes salvation.
A boy, a weapon.
A soldier, a titan.
While nations thrash into antiquity,
And a CEO becomes Queen,
A man, brilliant and cunning,
Plots to rule it all.



The giant is ill.
His daughter in peril.
Her bastion a psycho.
The worlds torn asunder.
War is fueled by want,
subversion by greed.
What value is Free Will,
if you can be reborn as a god?

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The ancient giant hopes to die.
His existence festers like a plague.
The love he’s lost,
and the debts he’s paid.
The death he’s dealt,
and the waste he’s laid.
But one last chance to right one wrong.
One last march into the fray.
Together, they can kill the god.
And set his daughter free.


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