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“Top 5 Indie-Published Books You Haven’t Read, But Should.” EXAMINER.COM

“A fun mixture of dark dystopia, cyberpunk (a favorite genre of mine), and science fiction: Gullickson delivers a complex story filled with the devices readers crave in an action/adventure series.”SFBOOK.COM

“It’s not often that you find a new scifi writers who are able to crank out page turners on their first go.  This is one of them.” FURIOUSFANBOYS.COM

“If you are a fan of dystopian fiction, political fiction or horror scifi you will love this book. . .” BARTLEBY’S BOOK REVIEWS

“I was treated to an old school, science-fiction romp . . .the characters are complex creations that grow and evolve throughout the story.” THE NEW PODLER REVIEW OF BOOKS

“I was pulled in by the characters and their interaction.  Mike creates a varied cast of people, and, just as in real life, sometimes it is hard to tell the villains from the heroes. CELTIC FROG REVIEWS


“A truly disturbing book that also somehow manages to be hard to put down, THE NORTHERN STAR: THE BEGINNING has a solid story with good characters, and so much suspense, both plot-suspense and moral suspense, that it reveals itself as something far more cerebral than any giant-fighting-robots story generally ever is.” INDIEREADER.COM





“Prepare to be afraid. Be very afraid. Because even seasoned science fiction readers well versed in stories of military conflict and cyber-futures will enjoy something different in The Northern Star: Civil War . . . . With its cornerstone foundations rooted in perceptions and patterns of modern times, it’s military sci-fi and futuristic cyber-reality at its best.” D. DONOVAN, EBOOK REVIEWER. MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“. . . this book is a fantastic read . . . ” PORTLAND BOOK REVIEW

“I referred to Gullickson’s The Northern Star: The Beginning as an “old school, science-fiction romp”.  The Northern Star: Civil War is this and so much more.” 4.5/5 stars THE NEW PODLER REVIEW OF BOOKS

“There is so much complexity and breadth of character that I kept reading just one more chapter.” ALEX MCGILVERY, CELTIC FROG REVIEWSReadersFavoriteStar

“One of the best Science Fiction novels I have had a chance to read in quite some time.” MICHAEL ALEXANDER BAAS, READER’S FAVORITE, 5 STARS

“Like its predecessor, THE CIVIL WAR is morally complicated, gritty, brutal and perhaps above all gory. It continues the series’ refusal to give out easy answers to either today’s or tomorrow’s problems.” INDIEREADER

“This is a world that is both unrecognizable and yet oddly familiar- the greed for power and the thirst for newer, more evolved technology is a reality that Gullickson expertly weaves in his novel . . . Gullickson portrays the interpersonal relationships between characters with care and compassion, underlining the profound importance of human connection, above all others.”  –BOOK-BOT REVIEWS

“. . . the drama is absolutely gut-twisting.” JOE CROW, REVOLUTION SF



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“Extremely well-written . . . a fantastic book to read.” PORTLAND BOOK REVIEW

“A great way to end a fantastic trilogy.” BARTLEBY’S BOOK REVIEWS

“The perfect ending to The Northern Star trilogy. The whole series is a science fiction masterpiece.” –THE NEW PODLER REVIEW OF BOOKS



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