Netheads Interview!


November 5, 2014


Part of the Kevin Smith Smodcast.  Mike and host Will Wilkins discuss The Northern Star series, how we already live a cyberpunk existence, and why instant information has disconnected us from the real world.

Click On The Image Below For The Full Interviewnetheads14002

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  • Tony Marenno on November 25, 2014

    Dear Mr. Gullickson,
    Thank you for a wonderful interview. I just wanted to bring a small issue to your attention. I took advantage of your free book offer on Google Play books but the book was only available as page scans, not text. That means that it is impossible to read the book on phones, if it was purchased through the play store. I since downloaded the Kindle version from Amazon (Text re-flows just fine on that version) and am currently enjoying your book. Just wanted to you to know this, since it can potentially impact your sales on the play store in a negative way. Thank you.

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